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50 Road Trip Ideas For Kids

This summer we're carrying our 5-year-old and 3-year-old on a road trip around Donnelly, Idaho, for a family reunion (never heard of it? I had not either until I married my husband) . It's all about a 9-hour drive in our house ... our children get pretty tired after about 90 minutes in the vehicle, so I'm somewhat nervous. I asked a number of our Facebook subscribers to discuss some of the travel secrets and the reply was really amazing I needed to discuss some of the wonderful ideas with you!

Our sister Kristen is really traveling across the nation now, shifting her family from Missouri to Utah. They've made the long driveway a few days before, so she's a Road Trip pro! She also gave me a few thoughts and actions to keep children occupied. These notions are for children of all ages- a few are clearly geared towards older or younger children, so select what works best for you and your travel companions.
Moreover, in case you've any road trip hints, I'd really like to listen to them! Don't hesitate to talk about them in the comments below or on our Facebook webpage!
1. Print this adorable state license plate test listing and find out who will cross all of them off the quickest!
2. Purchase some of those Window Markers and allow the children go to town on the rear windows. Wipe them clean with a brush.

3. Utilize an empty DVD case to package a little pad of paper and coloured pens inside. The hard case also creates the best writing surface!
4. Offer your children glow sticks, glow bracelets, or glow bracelets when traveling at night (I discovered a lot at the dollar store). They'll love how they shine and it's similar to a personal night lighting.
5. Perform with the Lines and Dots match (you may print off it here, together with directions about the best way best to play if you do not understand).
6. To play with the Lines and Dots match in5, then you will likely need a clipboard or difficult surface for your children to write on. Bring stickers and mark and allow the children decorate their own clipboard (I discovered some clipboards in the dollar store).

7. Make these simple Pencil Pouch I-Spy bags until you depart.
8. Have a little child that's too little for an I-Spy tote? Give them a particular "I-Spy Mission" It is possible to print off it!

9. There are sites which will enable you to type in your starting destination and destination and it'll tell you all of the fun and interesting places to stop along the road! You may try google maps or for entertaining thoughts.
10. Proceed to the regional library and take a look at some audio books on CD. The children really like to follow along with the book and Mother does not get car sick attempting to browse to the children! A household favorite for the sister's Harry Potter.

11. Wrap a few little toys or trinkets from the Dollar Store. Wrap them older wrapping paper and allow the children choose one every few hours. It is good to use as incentive to help keep your children great in the vehicle! Our mother was able to do so when we were small and I still recall how excited I'd get about unwrapping something!
12. In the check out in the shop, buy among these candy-filled toys. They're kind of pricey (I never allow my children buy them), however for extended trips, they're wonderful! We've purchased a candy-filled camera and if you push a button, then a tiny candy pops out. We also have purchased a digital sucker spinner plus a battery-operated enthusiast that has been full of candy. These toys amused the children for 40 minutes! Certainly worth the two or dollar to purchase them!
13. Here's a fun website with a Lot of printable Mad Libs for Kids. Occasionally we do so as a family and my children really like to decide on the craziest words that they can consider.
14. Create a Stained Glass Window Picture.
15. Gather a Craft Kit until you leave and allow your kids' imaginations go wild as you push.

16. Purchase a cheap cookie sheet and make this Magnet Board about the Go! My children like to play with magnets.
17. Using the exact same cookie sheet, you may use it like a difficult coating for coloring (the advantages maintain the crayons from rolling out), enjoying Matchbox cars, Legos, or storing other tiny things from falling onto the ground. It is like their private play surface.
18. Buy some cheap magnetic letters and figures in the dollar shop and allow the children spell words onto the cookie sheet. Additionally attach pom-poms to magnets to get much more entertaining magnet toys.
19. Bring a few pipe cleaner and then allow them to use it to flex it, make contours with it, mold stick folks with it, create jewelry, etc.
20. Pack some tiny snack bags with Froot Loops cereal and allow the kids rope it to the pipe cleaner (it is simpler than dye). Doubles as a snack!

21. Make this Homemade Gak until you depart. It truly takes just two minutes to throw together, does not leave a mess behind, also provides a lot of entertainment!
22. Print this off Traveling Scavenger Hunt-- this really is one for preschoolers and one for older children.
23. Create some enjoyable record folder games and place them together in a binder for easy journey.
24. Locate some toy catalogs or magazines. My children LOVED searching through all of the advertisements at Christmas time filled with toys. This is an enjoyable you can subscribe to free of charge.
25. Buy some Fruit By The Foot bites. I understand they aren't wholesome, but my children love they're so long and it takes them forever to consume it. Additionally, it is a special treat they understand they simply get for particular occasions.

26. Print these off adorable paper dolls until you depart. If you wanted to, then you can attach them into magnetic sheets and then use them in your own cookie sheet.
27. Buy a fresh coloring book and crayons. Oh, the energy of a brand new coloring book!
28. Bring a roster of aluminum foil and allow the children make animals, individuals, shapes, etc.. Just do not let them pack it into chunks and begin a projecting fight.
29. Create a trip laptop. Give every kid a new laptop and allow them to draw pictures, add decals, take notes, tape or other paraphernalia out of your journey. Insert pictures you took out of the camera at the conclusion of your trip for a fun keepsake.
30. Perform Road Trip Bingo. Have small prizes for the winners.

31. Create your own Dry Erase Board working with a cookie sheet bring along a few dry erase markers and a rag to use as an eraser.
32. Employing the Pandora App, hear some child or family-friendly channel with songs your entire family will enjoy. We adore the Disney station. Or find some interesting kid-friendly CD's you will all appreciate.
33. Play the match 20 Questions for a family.
34. Create your own binder of action pages. Fill in a 3-ring binder with clear plastic sleeves. From the sleeves, place papers that are blank, and some basic games (hangman, tic-tac-toe, word searches, locate the hidden images, and connect-the-dots). Utilize a 3-ring pencil bag to maintain the dry erase markers and a rag to use as an eraser. The children can doodle and perform for hours, then wipe the sleeves clean.
35. Another special treat my children like are Ring Pops. They last forever and the children love wearing them in their palms.

36. Perform Automobile Color Bingo-- this bingo game is very good for all ages!
37. Leave your home until the sun comes up (we wish to pull out at 5 am). My children usually sleep until I'm, therefore I'm hoping that we'll have at least a fantastic hour or two of driving until they wake up.
38. Give each child an cheap disposable camera (or even perhaps a kid-safe or older digital camera, even if you own one) and then allow them to record the vacation and road trip.
39. Buy some decal books or action books in the dollar shop. My children are obsessed with decals- they adore sticking them in their entire body. Give them a few new decals and let them go mad! They might also wish to place the decals on a laptop or onto paper.
40. Create some paper bag puppets place on a puppet show. This website includes a slew of ideas for paper bag puppets.

41. Create your own Hedbanz match. We play this game in a great deal of family parties and it will be a fun game for all ages to perform in the vehicle. You essentially draw a card and without looking at it, place it in your "headband" (we've made headbands from posterboard and tape the card onto the front). You must then ask other players queries regarding what's in your card (and they could simply give yes or no answers) and attempt to figure what it is before time runs out. It is sort of a fun spin on 20 questions.
42. Perform Can You Rather. Below are some humorous adult-based queries and below are a few funny questions for children. After requesting my daughter a few of those questions, she likes to formulate her own inquiries and gets the giggles so bad that we must quit playing.
43. Create a Cootie Catcher! This one includes fortunes and this one is blank so that you may create your own.

44. Create Road Trip Behavior Clips. I adore the concept of rewarding good behaviour!
45. Check out these Travel Tickets and Benefit Tickets! Give each kid enough tickets in a little baggie (one ticket for each half hour of driving). Collect a journey ticket each 30 minutes and if the tickets are all gone, you've arrived! In addition, I love the concept of this Reward Tickets and trading them for novels, playtime about the iPad, a brand new toy, a bite, etc..

46. This is an enjoyable game for mom and dad to play with in the front seat while the youngsters are active at the back ... it is a Road Trip Questionnaire. Off it and get to know each other better than you ever thought you did! You might also ask your children these queries.

47. Perform this Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! This is only one of the most creative ideas I've observed. A few of the things that you search for are comical!

48. Offer your kid a fresh bunch of mark and allow them to go to town on coloring this Intricate Coloring Page. I'd have loved something like that when I was small!
49. Perform Alphabet-athon and find out who will find the maximum points. I've not ever heard of the game (it is sort of like Scattegories), however I understand that we'll be enjoying it (at least me and my spouse will!) .
50. Create a Traveling Heal box to maintain the snacking and mess to a minimum. Hopefully my children won't eat all their meals with the very first hour! Ha ha!

Well, here's hoping your road trip (and mine!)) Is a success!
Happy Traveling!

12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Security

Mechanical Systems
Your Home's Security to Enhance
Purchasing a luxury security process is not the only means to truly feel secure in your property.  Keep thieves at bay with these easy, affordable tips.
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You have got (plenty of) Mail
An mailbox is a sign that you are off.  Request a friend to empty your box and maintain your porch free from email and fliers.
Decal Decoy
Thieves try to find a simple mark; which makes your house appear tough to decode will inspire them to proceed.  You may easily install safety system stickers -- a definite deterrent -- even in the event that you don't own a system.
Home Automation Tricks
Placing some wise light bulbs at street-facing lamps or installing smart drapes enables you to control all of them via program as you're away.  DIY home automation is cheap and simple to install.  Set them to a random program to make it look like somebody's always home.
Give a Trim to Shrubs
Overgrown leaves informs thieves they will have less prospect of being viewed while they operate, and  you might not often be around.  Cut those branches back so that it's not really simple for thieves to hide.
Light Matters Up
Exterior motion sensor lighting make it difficult for a crook to avoid being seen.  Plus, once the lights come on, they might think somebody is seeing -- and skedaddle.
Lock Down
Frequently a crook is not even breaking, just using a door left unlocked.  Bright locks which automatically lock themselves behind, mean that is never an alternative.
Keep Your Eye on Things
Due to relatively cheap DIY systems, it is possible to install a security camera outside (or inside) that allows thieves understand you are watching their every movement.
Do not Advertise
Tempting as it is to broadcast your holiday to Hawaii instantly, that is also a certain way to tell the entire world (or anybody who is arranging a break-in) you are away from your home.  Resist, and article about the trip as soon as you've returned.
Install Window Stops
These stop windows from being opened over six inches -- ideal for venting, but perhaps not for a criminal who would like to slide inside.
Get to Know Your Neighbors
They could watch out to your home and be sure nothing seems awry as you are off.
Fill Your Junk
Thieves are known to observe on garbage days, to determine which homes are not putting out anything (since it implies the occupants are probably going away).  Asking a neighbor to occasionally put your garbage helps to ensure that nobody will see the garbage was overlooking.
Get a Fake Fido
A "Beware of Dog" sign or even a bowl and string by your rear door can be sufficient to scare off the poor (even in the event you don't actually have a pooch).